Why be an intern, when you can be an INTRAPRENEUR

Mission Intrapreneurship 🌟 an initiative to encourage students with an entrepreneurial spirit to take up lead roles in startups and ventures without taking the risk of an entrepreneur!

It's a hardcore, intensive, absolutely crazy program for the young guns who want to experience working in a startup 🔥

Are you an intrapreneur 🤔?

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How to Enroll

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    Take an Assesment

    We have a very interesting bot that will help you understand which is the right track for you!

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    Connect with your track

    Once AI Donna tells you which is the right fit, you will taken towards your track page where you can understand what's happening.

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    Complete the Onboarding

    Once you are ready, set... it's GO time.
    After completing the process you will be an intrapreneur!

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    Voila, Join the Bootcamp

     Once you are ready, set... it's GO time. After completing the process you will be an intrapreneur! 

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Our Impressive Tracks

We have chosen some of the most in-demand skill set for our fellow bootcampers!

  • Design

    Learn the art of creating solutions through design

  • Web Development

    Learn the power of creation through code, build solutions of tommorow

  • Growth Hacking

    Hacker > Marketer, Don't be the just another Digital Marketer in the room. Learn How to Hack Growth

  • Finance & Accounting

    Accounts sound bleh! Man you gotta learn how the money works with the mindset of a VC!

Companies that Hire Intrapreneurs 🚀

  • Download
  • Microsoft
  • The Hacking School Coding Bootcamp
  • Meta Platforms Inc.
  • Dreamworks
  • code.in
  • Intel
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